Meet & Greet

Meet & Greet

This is how you can meet your furever friend!


Walk-in Rules!

We ask that you have a genuine interest in purchasing one of the puppies we currently have available.

Must be 21 or older.

Appointments take priority over walk-ins, if there is an appointment for a puppy you are interested within 1 hour prior to the time of your arrival, they will be reserved for the appointment and will not be eligable for purchase until after the appointment, if still available. 

If there is already a large amount of people in the store, you must wait until a group leaves before being allowed to enter.


Appointment Rules!

Appointments must be made for same day.

Must be 21 or older to make appointment.

We ask that you have a serious interest in purchasing one of the puppies we currently have.

Appointments will hold the puppy of interest for up to 1 hour prior to appointment time. 


Deposit Rules!

Deposits can be made over the phone and you do not need an appointment to make a deposit.

Deposits only hold puppies for two days.

Deposits go towards the puppy’s total purchase price, it is not an additional cost.

If the puppy is not picked up within 48 hours of the deposit being place, the deposit will be forfeited resulting in the puppy being placed back up for sale.

Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferrable, so we ask that you are definitely sure about the puppy you are putting a deposit on before any moneys are exchanged. 

General Store Rules!

To reduce the amount of stress and improve the health and safety of our puppies, please have a specific puppy(s) in mind before making your appointment as we limit the number of puppies you can see to two.

All customers will be asked to sanitizer their hands.  We will be enforcing strict sanitation rules.  We ask that you use the hand sanitizer after every cough or sneeze, and please cover your mouth if you should have to do so. This is not just for the health and safety of our staff and other customers, but also our puppies, as some sicknesses can be transferrable.

While you are here, we do not allow customers to pick up the puppies.  Please be understanding that we want to make sure that our babies are safe with us. We will help customers to and from the play area with the puppy.


If you are truly interested in making one of our babies part of your family, please call us at (610) 834-9951 for more information and to make an appointment.

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Our specialty is in canines, that is why we are proclaimed the puppy specialist store.


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